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Meet the new Tools4Winds™ mutes

Dear friends

I would like to inform you about two major improvements for our metal trombone mutes. During the Covid period I have, together with my colleagues of the Rotterdam Philharmonic, thought about how we can make the mutes even better.

Here are the two adjustments we made.

  1. The protective felt on the top is now made of thinner material which causes less resistance and gives more response.
  2. The rim of the cup is now made with a nod which gives the cup more firmness and stability while playing.

Naturally all the other unique aspects of the mutes remain the same.

Ben Van Dijk

“The new Tools4Winds™ mutes make muted playing better than ever, with excellent dynamic range, intonation, and superb sound over the entire register. And the typical difficulties associated with the low register are completely gone.”

– Ben van Dijk
Bass Trombone, Rotterdam Philharmonic


“Tools4Winds™ was the best sensation I had playing with mutes. Both the cup and straight mute gave a really comfortable experience throughout the whole register with very good intonation.”

– Carlos Freitas 
Tenor Trombone, Sao Paulo University Orchestra


“The Tools4winds mute is my favorite mute to use, both in the orchestra and on the solo repertories, fantastic intonation and great sound in all registers of instrument, The best mute I played throughout life. ”

– Ricardo Santos
Bass Trombone, Brazilian Symphony Orchestra


“The new Cup-Mute of Tools4Winds is really great, it is crafted very well and feels sustainable. I like the centered sound, the lightness of resistance and intonation especially in the low registers the notes are very centered.”

– Markus Bebek
Assistant Principal Trumpet at the “Opern- und Museumsorchester Frankfurt/Main”


“I have been using my new tool4winds straight mute for 4 weeks now, and it is just what I’ve been looking for these many years. With the Tools4Winds mute all the notes speak, center well, and it provides me with the assurance that wherever I go on the horn, and whatever dynamic called for, it will not be a problem. I wish I’d had it years ago. It would have saved me a lot of money, and musical head ache!”

– Gerry Pagano
Bass Trombone at St Louis Symphony

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